Google已经正式推出了Google Site-任何人均可申请,可绑定域名!

据Google官方博客报道,Google现在已经正式推出了Google Site,任何人都可以快速建立网站,分享所有类型的信息,包括团队项目、公司内部网、社区团体、教室、俱乐部、家庭等,你可以将其共享给几个人、一群人或者所有人。

  你可以免费建立一个类似 这样的网站,并免费增加任何你喜欢的内容。

  使用Google Sites非常容易,你可以点按钮创建不同类型的页面,你还可以在页面嵌入文件、日历、相片、影片和小工具等等,和Google Docs一样,系统内置了所见即所得的编辑器,一旦你的网站建立好,你可以输入电子邮件邀请其他人来编辑或者浏览你的内容,你可以决定哪些人有编辑权限。


Changing the site URL for sites created under
Sites created under can be mapped to a custom domain using the Site Settings area.
Note that you must own the domain and have access to change CNAME records.

Click on the “Site Settings” link at the top of the screen
Click on the “Web Address” tab
Enter the Domain address you wish to re-map your site to
Click the Add button.
Some things to keep in mind about changing your site URL:

Mappings are restricted to sub domain level only like,, or We don’t support naked domain mapping like
You can map up to 5 sub-domains to a given site
This only takes effect for public sites private sites will redirect to the standard URL
Once you have completed the steps above, you will need to be sure to follow the next steps:

Sign in to your domain registrar.
Navigate to your DNS Management page. The location and name of this page will vary by host, but can generally be found in Domain Management or Advanced Settings.
Find the CNAME settings and enter the following as the CNAME value or alias: (sub domain)
Set the CNAME destination to the following address:
Save changes with your domain host
If you are working with a site in Google Apps, see this article.